Webcamxxx model on the couch – sex or treatment?

A very unusual client came to my office, and she wanted to talk about her life. It was something she couldn’t even tell her family and friends. She is a model for webcamxxx, and her life is full of sex and submission to clients.

She likes some things in her job, she can’t stand others, but she has to do it because of the money. Her life is a dilemma: money and luxurious life, or the simple joys of an ordinary girl.

My problem is simple – to listen to her and hide the boner, or act extremely unprofessionally and to make love with her. Well, I’ll have to think it over carefully, because this girl is a real sex bomb that is ready to explode in my office.

Webcamxxx model on the couch sex or treatment
Webcamxxx model on the couch sex or treatment

Kimberly comes to me for the first time

I have been in private practice for more than 15 years, and patients are happy with our work on their problems. I am a psychotherapist, and my job is to listen, notice, help people and change their lives. I help people, but there are a number of rules in my work.

One of them is no relationship with the patient outside the office, no personal connections with them, and of course – no sex. At the beginning of my career, when I was still a young and inexperienced therapist, I sometimes looked at my clients with desire. I was not just a therapist for them, I became their best friend, confidant person.

Sleeping with them would not be difficult for me, because they have already trusted me more than their fathers or husbands.

But, it would be unethical, and for such an act I would pay with my professional license. And for the patients, our sexual relations would mean the collapse of therapy and, most importantly, the worsening of their condition. I knew it, and I was always following all the rules of my profession with a sacred fear and loyalty.

And then Kimberly came to my office – a girl with so much pain and longing in her eyes. But, I rarely looked at her eyes – more at her gorgeous breasts, delicate arms and shoulders, her amazing legs. I saw that she wasn’t wearing underwear during the sessions, but what could I do?

How we started it

A 25 y.o girl called me, her name was Kimberly West, but I do not know if it was her real name, or if she was just afraid to tell me her name to me. She signed up for Thursday, asking if she could really trust me? I was used to talking with different patients, but this girl intrigued me.

She walked into my office, looking at the floor. I was delighted looking at her – such a beauty, dressed in a rather modest, but short dress. She could be a model – I’ve only seen such long legs on the podium. She could be an athlete – after all, her figure was perfect, toned!

She could be anyone, but she was a webcam xxx model who hides her life and career from her parents and friends. For everyone, she was a secretary in a German company who sometimes stayed up late in the office, often flew to meetings with her boss, and sometimes worked during the night.

Kimberly lay down on the couch, trying to cover her long naked legs with her hands. I asked her to tell me exactly what she expects from the therapy and to start her story about herself.

Kimberly West. Session 1

She started crying even before she started telling her story. I was ready to write down important or interesting moments in a notebook. I immediately felt it – a professional instinct told me that this girl was very tired of keeping her secret, but she was ashamed to open her soul and feelings.

“Everything in my life hasn’t gone the way I wanted since childhood. I studied at California State University, and my life was supposed to be completely different. But, I screwed up a lot, owed a large sum of money, and then I just couldn’t pay it back. I wanted a posh life, but the price for it turned out to be too high for an inexperienced girl.

I know I’m beautiful and men want me, they want sex more than anything else. I was offered to earn extra money in the webcam business, and I started with, then I searched for other websites.

The worst thing is that this life drags you in, without giving you an opportunity to choose something else. I quickly started getting a lot of money, Doctor, I started earning more than my father. And at first, it was so easy and fun to live, but then…”

She continued to cry, and I became interested in her story.

“They all want to get my body and do whatever they want – I lost myself in this job. They want to see my vagina, and as more dildos are in it – more bonuses I can receive. It excites me and scares me at the same time, and I can’t tell anyone about it.”

Kimberly West. Session 2

After Kimberly’s first visit, I came home and immediately pulled down my pants to masturbate. How beautiful she was, how young and sexy! And she told me about how she satisfies herself on camera in front of some strangers who can demand any whim from her.

Every day 5-6 people literally fuck her like a whore, but only via the Internet. I imagined her naked, lying on my couch. Long legs, beautiful fingers, she is caressing her nipples and I touch a tender belly of this young beauty.

She said she was ashamed when she came in front of the camera, and then called home and said that she was a little late with the documents. Our second session left me literally without any words, and I was hiding a boner under a tablet with my notes.

“I just have no opportunity to say “no” to them, because some other webcam girl will take my place, and I won’t get a cent. I don’t know how to do anything else, I’m afraid it’s too late to start, that I won’t be able to take on another job.

They asked me to bring the camera very close to my pussy… sorry, I wanted to say, to my vagina. I can’t hide anything from them at all, they want to see everything in close-up mode. I deflowered myself, deprive of my anal innocence in front of the camera, and I heard this pervert jerking off, demanding to fuck myself faster!”

I definitely should not work with Miss West

Ok, if the therapist has this feeling, he must analyze everything and stop working with this person. If he realizes that he really cannot fulfill his duty for some reason, he must give that patient to another therapist.

I knew this woman aroused in me so much passion and desire, I couldn’t think as I should. She described in such detail how she works on webcamxxx that I couldn’t restrain my dick. My fucking cock demanded that I fuck her because my dick would not be the first, but only one of a series of dicks in her life.

But I couldn’t, it would have destroyed her, not even right now, but after a few months or even years. She would understand that it was a betrayal, she couldn’t trust anyone anymore.

Kimberly West. Session 3

She was lying in front of me again, wearing only a tight pink dress. Her breasts were naked under it, and I saw her nipples rise when she was talking about another client who wanted her address.

“He was so excited during my show, this yesterday’s guy, he wanted to come to my flat right now and fuck with me, but I’m not an idiot! I have already made such a mistake once and believed the guy who swore in love with me. He came and didn’t even ask how I was doing.

He tore off my dress, threw me on the floor, and fucked me even when I asked him to stop it. He said I was no better than an ordinary whore, and he had already paid me via the website for my services.

He tied my hands and feet, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even scream. He was so cruel to me that night! I am grateful that he freed me later, and did not leave me lying on the floor with my own panties in my mouth.”

I should have felt sorry for her, but I only felt my arousal, and how my cock had already run away from my pants.

“Although, I don’t even know which is worse – when a real person fucks you, or when you are constantly alone and have to wait for something to fuck you via camera. Sometimes it seems to me that I’m getting more and more stupid – I think only about dicks, about toys, I come up with some kink shows. I can’t share all this shit with anyone except you.”

Kimberly West wants her therapist

She came to me the next time but was not in a hurry to sit on the couch. I looked at her and waited to see what she would do. My xxx webcams patient seemed like she wanted to tell me something, but she was afraid.

“I have already told you once that you are the only one with whom I can tell everything about my life. And now I can’t help but think about you, Doctor! You are not like all of them, you listen to me and you are interested in what I feel, not what I do!”

She unbuckled her dress and appeared completely naked in front of me. She was even better than I could have imagined. Her body is created for sex, and these breasts are begging for your caresses. I could shove my dick between them, I could fuck her for hours!

But, I asked her to get dressed and offered to talk about her desire of having sex with me. But she came up to me and sat on me, pressing me with her young juicy body to the chair.

Can I resist her sexual desire anymore?

I can’t touch patients, especially it seems crazy that I would touch her naked breasts, or my touches will be interpreted as sexual. But I really grabbed her waist out of surprise. My body betrayed me – my penis immediately stood up, and she felt it.

She tore my shirt off with such a passion that I just didn’t know what I could do. Nothing like it has ever happened in my practice yet, and I was just confused – what should I do in such a situation?

Her nipple was at my lips, and I felt it – so tender and hot! She unbuttoned my pants, and I just said something unintelligible to her, asking her to stop. I had to push her off, it was necessary to leave the office immediately and wait until she got dressed and this crisis passed.

She took my сщсл in her hand, and I was no longer able to stand up. Kimberly greedily took it in her mouth, pushing it further down her throat – how good she was! From that moment I had no chance to turn back.

Webcamxxx model took what she wanted

I leaned back in my chair, just handed myself over to her. Maybe, it was her real therapy? After all, she had gained control over someone, this was her subconscious desire. She constantly gave control over herself to other people, suppressing her desires. And now she has full control over me and did exactly what she wanted.

Kimberly sat on my dick and her pussy was hotter than fire at that moment! So wet, so my cock just slipped into her without encountering any obstacle. She was in a hurry, shouting something tender, depraved, dirty to me.

Kimberly fucked me, and my head got used to analyzing, switched off. I could only feel this incredible hot pussy, and her nipples kept getting into my mouth. She came, falling on me, and continuing to squeeze my cock with her pussy.
This session I find it hard to forget

At the next session, I told her that she could no longer come to me. I didn’t dare ask her never to talk about it, but she beat me to it. I knew that this evening in my office could have serious consequences for her. But, my career was at stake now, and I had to come up with an option that would suit her and save me.

I offered her to my old friend, a good therapist specializing in victims of violence. I think he is able to help this poor soul – an xxx webcam girl who has lost herself in her job.

I talked to him, honestly telling him everything. I wanted him to continue working with her, but even to keep our sex a secret. I hope one fucked therapist is enough for Kimberly and she won’t try to do the same thing with to buddy.

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